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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of video content can you compress?

  • Our patented vector technology is especially effective for compressing lecture style videos with slide content (like Coursera), enabling us to reduce the file size by 2-10x times, without any loss in visual quality.
  • The more geometric content that exists in your video content (presentation slides, desktop screen recordings, animations) the more we can compress it.  
  • We will soon be able to work with screencasts, animations and basically any videos not recorded with a video camera.

Can you compress photo-realistic content?

  • Our algorithms for photo-realistic content are equal to Google, Vimeo etc. If your video is already compressed, our technology won't provide additional compression.
  • However, if your video content is a mix of both photo-realistic and geometric content, then our algorithms will scan and compress the geometric content parts in your video.

Do you experience loss in visual quality?

  • No


Can you compress animations?

  • We are still in development for this feature.

How does your technology work?

  • Our vector-based video technology, developed at MIT, works by compressing anything that is recognisable as a geometric shape. For example, lines, curves, polygons or text. Representing those geometric shapes as mathematical equations instead of pixels uses a lot less data and enables us to make videos that are much smaller than mp4, with no loss in visual quality.

Why compress my videos?

  • Even with the best compression technologies from Google, Apple and other industry leaders, online videos are still data heavy, and are slow to load, and expensive to watch on slow & costly internet connections in many parts of the world.
  • This makes using online video expensive, and frustrating, for many users around the world. Many, especially in emerging markets, simple choose not to use apps or websites with video, because of the cost and frustration.

How small can you compress my video?

  • Generally speaking, our videos are 2x-10x smaller than what you would see on YouTube. This depends on how much of the video is geometric (presentation slides, desktop screen recordings, animations), and how much is photo-realistic.

My video isn’t compressing? What do I do?

  • Contact us with your attached video link - and we’ll assist you as soon as we can.

Why don’t I just use YouTube?

  • Even though YouTube uses industry standard video compression technologies, videos are very data heavy, and are slow to load, and expensive to watch on slow & costly internet connections in many parts of the world.
  • Our patented vector technology enables your users to load videos much faster, using much less data than is possible with YouTube. If slow have slower internet speeds, or need to pay for data usage, our technology enables a much better video experience than is possible with YouTube.


How do I give you my videos to compress?

  • You can send us your raw video folders, a YouTube link, a Google Drive link or a Dropbox link.
  • We also have an API, to which you can automatically upload and convert videos

How do I receive my compressed videos back from you?

  • You can choose to receive raw video folders or the links via spreadsheet so you can upload back onto your website. The spreadsheet will contain the name of the video, the Google/YouTube link of that video, and the corresponding dot Learn link to the video.

Do you store my videos on your server?

  • When you upload a video for compression, we return a compressed copy of the video to you. We also keep a copy of the compressed video on our server, for convenience for you to re-download.
  • We do not distribute your videos on any 3rd party website or service - the video is stored securely on our servers and only available for you, and anyone you choose to share it with.

What is the LRN format?

  • LRN format is our custom file format for compressed video.

How do I play this content on my website or app?

  • Your users won't need to do or install anything.
  • To enable your users to seamlessly watch lrn videos, you will need to add the "lrn" library to your website or app, or you can use one of our plugins for Wordpress, Moodle, Squarespace etc.. (contact for details)

How do I play the videos offline or on my desktop?

  • We offer a free download of our Windows, Mac or Linux player, to play lrn videos offline on the desktop, if you would like a copy please contact
  • If you do not have your own app, and would like to watch a .lrn video offline on your phone, you can download our LRNPlayer app for Android or iOS