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Our story
Our story began in 2015 when co-founders Sam Bhattacharyya and Tunde Alawode met as graduate students at MIT. Both understood the challenges (and opportunities) of online video learning in emerging markets - Tunde when taking online classes from MIT's Open Courseware platform in undergrad in Nigeria, and Sam when using Khan Academy with his students as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Mexico.

Focusing on the problem of making online video-learning more accessible in emerging markets, Tunde and Sam originally developed a video-learning app focused on Subsaharan Africa. In the process of developing this app, Tunde and Sam came up with the idea for vector-based video, which was piloted and then fully integrated into the app in 2017. Our app, which has 6 courses, 5000 videos, has helped over 50,000 students in West Africa study for the regional university entrance exam.

After recieving numerous inbound requests from other companies to license our video technology, our company shifted direction in 2018, to focus on providing our video-vectorization technology to the public. Michelle and Savant joined in mid 2018. Our team has 6 employees, based in New York and Bangalore.
Our team
Sam Bhattacharyya
Co-Founder & CEO
Tunde Alawode
Co-Founder & COO

Michelle Teo
Business Development & Sales
Savant Krishna